Protestant Church

All Saints is an Anglican/ Episcopalian (Protestant) church catering for members of the English speaking community in Jakarta. The Anglican Church traces its roots back through the Reformation of the Church of England to the church of Jesus and the apostles. It is one of the Churches that were significantly changed by the Protestant Reformation.

All Saints Church Jakarta

Anglican belief

Archbishop Thomas Cranmer and the other English Reformers left four great foundations for the Anglican Church that describe the heart and source of the Anglican belief:
- the Bible in English - the English Book of Common Prayer - the 39 Articles - the three ancient creeds,
These have given the Anglican Church its great theological and spiritual strength. The Bible is the supreme authority in matters of faith and the 39 Articles point tothis fact. The Articles also point to the three great creeds, which state doctrines that all Christians have believed to be true. The Church is defined as: The visible Church of Christ is a congregation of faithful people, in which the pure Word of God is preached, and the sacraments are rightly administered according to everything that Christ’s ordinance requires. The Church is not defined by structure or organization but by faith. It follows the teaching of the New Testament and describes the church as a congregation. It is an assembly gathered together to hear the Word of God and to administer the sacraments.

All Saints Church Jakarta

Diocese of Singapore

As part of the Anglican Church, All Saints is a parish within the Diocese of Singapore, and Bishop licenses the clergy. However the parish has its own Constitution. Because of this and its location outside Singapore, the Church Council has more authority and responsibilities than in a conventional Anglican parish. As All Saints is a church open to Christians from any background, often members of Council are not Anglicans. Rennis Poniah is the Bishop of the Diocese of Singapore. This diocese is part of the Anglican Province of South-East Asia. Twice a year the diocese organizes a Synod (like a Parliament). At these Synods the Vicar and the Associate Minister represent All Saints Jakarta.