Direct contributions

Funding for Outreach is via direct contributions to the All Saints Outreach Account, from members of the church or friends of All Saints. Funding does not come from the church budget. This can be done via giving envelopes collected during the services or through direct bank transfer into our Outreach Account. We do not receive any regular giving from the general church funds, because the Outreach Account has been set up to receive all Outreach donations from All Saints members. Donations in kind or offers of help via volunteers are also gratefully accepted.

All Saints Church Jakarta

Want to have a share?

Members of All Saints are encouraged to give directly to our Outreach Projects. Donations may be directed to specific projects or to general Outreach funds, in which case the Outreach Committee will disburse the funds according to its budget. All Saints helps our projects largely through providing funding but also in non-monetary ways through volunteers, networking and introductions, donations in kind and prayers. It is indeed wonderful to see how a reasonably small church like ours can make such an impact on many lives across Indonesia, and we invite you to join in this fulfilling ministry!