Our projects are grouped under three main priorities:
  1. Projects that strengthen Indonesian Christian leadership
  2. Projects which directly share the gospel through bible translations, Christian literature and evangelism
  3. Projects which share the love of Jesus indirectly through Christ-like ministries to the poor and needy.
All Saints Church Jakarta

1. Strengthening Indonesian Christian leadership

The largest part of our funds goes to our Scholarship Program that provides scholarships for tuition fees for undergraduate and graduates pursuing theological degrees in approved theological institutes in Indonesia. At present we are supporting over 100 students in 10 schools. Through this project All Saints has touched many lives in Indonesia, with an average of about 30 -35 graduating students each year. Many church members have met graduates of our program in various ministries all over Indonesia, who are very grateful for the opportunity given to them via our scholarships. Books for Ministry is another project, which provides Christian reference books for theological students. We have also sponsored libraries for theological schools and sponsored the publishing of the Indonesian version of specific books. Another project in this category is Masa Meriba, an organization that provides teachers to teach Christian students in neighborhood schools who have very little other choice but to attend Islamic lessons during their religion period.

All Saints Church Jakarta

2. Directly share the gospel

In this category we support a lot of the International agencies, for example, Bible Society, Scripture Union- provision of scripture notes, Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF), in Australia, and SIL International, These organizations have been working in Indonesia for many years and through their established networks have made a large contribution to Christians in Indonesia. All Saints is proud to be associated with them. Local organizations in this category include Kartidaya, which do language studies with local dialects; YMMP – the New Tribes Mission, which reaches remote tribes in nearly inaccessible areas of Indonesia; Tell-a-village, which produces Christian programs on video to be distributed to villages around Indonesia which have been supplied with TVs and VCRs; YASKI, which runs Christian radio broadcasting and also has programs in local dialects; PERKANTAS, the Inter-varsity Christian fellowship in Indonesia, which also provides training and discipleship programs for graduates in their alumni programs; Gospel recordings (through tapes and a hand wound player); and Bina Kasih, a local Christian publishing house which produces Christian literature and is associated with OMF.

3. Christ-like ministries to the poor and needy

All Saints supports projects involved in a wide range of activities to help the poor and needy. Kampus Diakonie Modern (KDM) ministers to street children, helping them adapt to normal life and provide schooling and vocational training; YAKKUM in Yogyakarta have a rehabilitation centre for the physically handicapped, helping them to become economically viable in their own right; Rawinala is a home