As a young and vibrant church, All Saints Jakarta is blessed with many young families. And we are grateful for each of them, because Jesus himself told us to be like children. Looking at them, we can learn to understand God better, and learn about love and affection. Teaching our children is an important ministry in our church.
All Saints Church Jakarta


During the sermon on Sundays the children hear their own bible stories in the Sunday school. We generally follow a program from CEP Australia (add a link to CEP). Each teacher plans a class (based on the material from CEP) that helps give children a grounding in God’s word and a decent overview of the Bible. Interactivity and fun are essential parts of every lesson but we do not forget to pray together and learn a verse of the Bible off by heart.

All Saints Church Jakarta

Confirmation classes

Each year we run confirmation classes for children over 14 who have chosen Christianity from themselves and wish to be part of our Anglican church. Confirmation classes cover the basics of living as a Christian, and follow material such as Youth Alpha (from Holy Trinity Brompton Church in the UK), Confirmation candidates will also learn about our Church and Denomination from one of the ministers.

Communion classes

Part of our church identity is to share communion. At Menteng church we weekly share communion together, in South Jakarta we celebrate communion once a month. To prepare children to participate in this special celebration of faith, we encourage them to first take classes with our vicar Ian. That way they first get to understand the meaning of communion before they participate. This class runs upon request, usually just before church service starts.

Parenting courses

From the makers of the Alpha course (where you learn all about Christianity), a parenting course is also available. There are 2 seperate courses. Parenting for parents of kids in the age of 0-10, and parenting teenagers. Both courses follow a DVD-series and guide with material to practise at home. Simple but essential element in raising children are all covered. Like setting boundaries, love languages and the importance of building real relationships at home. Courses are available, just let us know you’re interested!