Looking for prayer

Let us know what we can pray for

If you would like to let someone know of something or someone to pray for then please send us an email or write it out and place it into the box in church on Sundays. The request will be collected and prayed for by the end of the day. Your prayer request will be confidential or you could ask for your request to be placed in the weekly email update, into the Sunday newssheets or put on the website and have others pray for you. You can also say ask for prayers of Thanks to God this way.

All Saints Church Jakarta

You can help us by praying as well

There’s always something to pray about! We regularly update our list of praise and prayer points. Please join in and help us to pray

We’d like to praise God for:

- Our heavenly family; Father and Son and Holy Spirit and our church family
- Our earthly families
- Those people who are new to Jakarta and to All Saints
- For the Outreach Committee and the great work for the gospel that they are doing
- Guy and his work with Youth and Children. Guy started a teens bible study and youth alpha

We’d like to pray God for:

- Our world that needs to know and experience peace. Pray for peacemakers
- Those who are struggling in adjusting to living in a new place
- Our financial needs at All Saints
- All Saints to continue to be a welcoming church
- For Europe: that the financial issues will help Europeans look to God and see that he loves and provides.