All Saints Church Jakarta

Sharing your faith

Having faith in God and knowing Him express that we are building a relationship with God; a strong and deep relationship. He also asks us to love one another as we love ourselves. This again is about relationships: a strong and caring relationship with each other. If the depth of relationship and our commitment to one another are so important to God, then small groups are also an important place to grow strong and supportive relationships. Small Groups are a great place where people can grow in their relationship with God and care for others as well as be cared for by others.

During the first two centuries of the Christian era, church buildings did not exist, so it was necessary that people met in their homes. In the early “house churches”, pictured vividly by Paul in Romans 16, Christian sharing would, no doubt, often be over a meal. There are few things more effective for building fellowship than sharing meals. There is no doubt that partly due to eating together being a natural way of creating close relationships that the early church grew so fast, even in times of persecution.

Overview of current morning/afternoon groups

Monday @ 9.30: Menteng (for Women)
Tuesday @ 9.00: Kemang
Tuesday @ 12.00-14.30: Permata Hijau (for Mums and Tots)
Friday @ 10.00: Pondok Indah
Saturday @ 8.30: Cikini
Sunday @ 11am: Menteng

Overview of current evening groups

Tuesday @ 19.15: Kebayoran Baru (or 18.45 if you are eating)
Tuesday @ 19.00: Pakubuwono
Wednesday @ 19.30: Pondok Indah
Wednesday @ 19.00: Jakarta Barat
Wednesday @ 19.00-21.30: Kemang (various locations, please call ahead)
Thursday @18.00: Permata Hijau

All Saints Church Jakarta


In small groups/home groups members of All Saints join in talking about God from studying the bible and living out the Christian faith together weekly. During a meeting both matters of ordinary life and faith issues are discussed. We follow series of bible passages or a book, and a meeting usually ends in personal prayer. In some cases a meal is shared at the beginning of the meeting.

Sharing in Small Groups/Home Groups helps us to live out the fruit of the Spirit, as we can be hospitable to each other, sharing our home to a group. Or we can help those in need by sharing problems and praying. Being a leader also is a way to grow the fruit of the Spirit in our lives.

We have a variety of Small Groups/Home Groups that meet in various parts of Jakarta both at night and during the day.